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Defy Your DNA
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Our Mission: To educate and empower clients to live well for a lifetime. We strive to carry out our mission in and beyond our local community. Our program called Your Passport to Vitality© was created so we can share our meal plans and healing methods with people all over the world. Now you do not have to live in the greater NYC area to benefit from our programs. This is the most affordable way to benefit from our meal & lifestyle plans without leaving the comfort of your own home. Click Here to learn more about Your Passport to Vitality©

What We Do:  We provide holistic nutritional counseling and bio-feedback evaluations. Our health program is available for purchase on-line. Our founder is also a certified instructor and teaches an early childhood education music & movement program that helps promote cognitive, emotional, social and motor skill development in children.

Nutritional Program: We conduct assessment interviews, educate clients about setting goals, provide dietary assessments, teach strategies for change and self management and teach empowerment tools. We will help you tailor a nutritional program that is right for you and your family. There is so much information out there and it can be confusing and contradictive! We are here to educate and simplify the process of living a healthy lifestyle.

Health Presentations: We are available to conduct educational presentations at health fairs, medical centers, corporations, schools (pre-school, K- 12), colleges, church groups and other non-profits, women's groups, fitness centers, firehouses, police stations and other community service events. Contact Dean if you are interested in having a presentation at your organization. We are also available for Corporate Wellness programs and on-site sessions. Have your company or HR rep contact us today.

Bio-Feedback: Our technology enables us to perform a Bio-Survey of your body which allows us to evaluate the stress of each of your body's systems, identify the underlying cause of stress in each of these systems, and pinpoint the exact remedies which will bring your body back into balance. Ask about the JH Body Reset Bio-Survey that was designed to help you reach your optimal weight. JH Wellness began using ZYTO over 6 years ago. We began with the LSA Pro 4.0 and have since upgraded to the Elite 5.0  (Video on the Philosophy of Elite 5.0) Please see Our Technology page for more information about our state-of-the-art bio-feedback equipment. The ZYTO Hand Cradle is registered by the FDA as a class II medical device.

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History: JH Wellness was established in 2007. We began a serious study of complimentary holistic medicine almost 20 years ago. During this time we began to study whole food supplements and we incorporate them into our wellness programs. We have educated many people about health and nutrition over the years and we believe in only using high quality live source whole food supplements, essential oils and other health products that do not contain toxic ingredients. Sadly, over 97.5% of "health products" on the market today contain toxic fillers, binders, excipients and core ingredients. Check out the Resources page for information on toxic ingredients that you should avoid. You can also tune into Healthline Radio for more information on whole food supplements that are toxic free. 

Over 10 years ago we also co-founded a Holistic Pet Supply store whose mission was to provide holistic and healthy pet foods. Good health should be for the whole family, including your pets! 

Wholesale Prices:  If you love essential oils and would like to purchase them at wholesale cost you can become a Wellness Advocate. Becoming a Wellness Advocate will also give you the opportunity to help others and earn sales commissions. If you would like to become a Wellness Advocate please Contact Us to find out simple it is. info@jhwellness.com

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