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 Your Passport to Vitality© was created so we can share our best practices in one place! IF you follow it, our program will help you reach your optimum health, help you with weight loss, metabolism reset and fat burning! Over the years we have created & fine tuned a meal plan that has produced amazing results.

We are proud to carry PRL products since 2008 

Whole Food Supplements, Beyond Organic "Nutrition that Really Works" 

PRL products have been part of our personal wellness program since 2001

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You may contact info@jhwellness.com to obtain your password - Order PRL Products here

You may Order Dynamic Greens wheatgrass juice below:

 We are proud to carry Energetix Products since 2009

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Learn more about the Purest Essential Oils

Soothing, Relaxing, Purifying products for your Home 
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More PRL Products

Laser Pointer, Galaxy (Multi-beam) $295.95

Laser Pointer (Silver, Single beam)

Laser Pointer (Gold, Single beam)

Q-Tape (Roll) 9"x1/2"  $24.95 

Tektite Small - $29.95 

Tektite Medium - $59.95

Tektite Large - $89.95 

*S&H will be determined after order placed-needs to be weighed*
The Q-Disc - $89.95

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