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"When I left teaching 2 years ago I was so sick both physically and emotionally so I had decided to call for support from a former student of mine at JH Wellness. She had an extremely amazing biofeedback program that can detect things going wrong in your body and with supplements and changes of your diet you will feel better than ever. The JH Wellness 'magic machine' will make you feel 10 years younger. 

Now that my life is back to hell again and my health is bad because I never take care of me! I plopped myself back down in her office and talked and listened and watched her machine attach the dots to help me understand why everything is going wrong not just WHAT is wrong. So here I am the hypochondriac with a terrible family medical history wondering what is wrong. Across the desk the sweet kind student I once coached all grown up listening with empathy and warmth allowing me to feel Hope and believe I can get myself healthy again!

I now can see why I am sick what caused it and the best part now working to get rid of all the toxic crap. I need to be healthy so I can be a wife mother and the successful business owner I know I can be. So JH Wellness thank you from the bottom of heart for everything!!!!" - Karen Breault, Stamford, CT

 "I have known the founder of JH Wellness for well over 10 years and have immense respect for her as a person and as a professional. She is bright, articulate, and very compassionate. I have associated with her on many different projects and have never been disappointed in her professionalism and commitment to satisfying the needs of her clients. I am delighted to recommend JH Wellness!" - Gerrianne D., Stamford, CT

"I received phone consultation sessions from JH Wellness and they were a blessing to me. I started using Dr. Marshall's products in May 2007. Since I started his products I haven't taken a pain killer. I use to have frequent headaches and headaches to the point where I needed to take pain killers. If the headaches come now, they would not be to the point where I needed pain killers. Back in about 1989 Doctors diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism, so they put me on propylthiouracil(PPU). Because the doctors said the situation was not getting better, in 1992 they gave me radiaoctive iodine. Doctors then said I became hypthyroid, with  a very high Thyroid Stimulating Hormone levels (TSH). Since then I have been on synthroid. In July 2007 I started taking Dr. Marshalls thyroid complex and in August 2007 I started taking the Tocotriene. When I went to the doctor at the end of August 2007, my TSH was normal and the the other thyroid hormones(T3,T4, T7 and T-uptake) had started to improve. When I went back to the doctor in November all of my thyroid hormones (T3, T4, T7, TSH, and T-uptake) are normal. I know that along with using Dr. Marshall's products, exercise, diet and off course prayers and God in my life allowed me to achieve these results".  - Charette Nixon, Bahamas

"I was reluctant to start taking supplements after my first visit at JH Wellness, but after I kept having repeat urinary tract infections and being put on antibiotics over and over, I decided I needed to try something else. The antibiotics were making me feel worse and causing other problems on top of the UTIs. I started taking Bladder Complex along with Probiotics after being educated on the uses of these products. I have not had a UTI in over 5 months. I am the one now telling my husband, my family and friends to try a more natural approach to wellness and they are amazed with my results! I highly recommend JH Wellness to anyone who is looking to improve their health".- Rena S., New York, NY

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