Detoxify, Nourish, Adapt

  Our technologies, products and services are created to empower you to and help you to:

1.  D E T O X I F Y - and reduce your toxic load. 
2.  N O U R I S H - and strengthen your system. 
3.  A D A P T - to release emotional and physical stress.

The place to begin is to schedule an initial consultation appointment .  This visit can be completed over the phone or in-person.  In this visit,  we will review with you your complete history and also identify the main goals that you are looking to achieve.  You will have an opportunity to have an open conversation about expectations and we will determine the best strategy to help you or your family.  If the visit is for a child, we ask that the parents attend the consultation alone, as we prefer not to speak about children's weaknesses in their presence. You will be asked to complete a New Client Intake form.Your roadmap may include some of the following to help you Defy Your DNA.